Our Campaign


Spectrum School Parent Advocacy work tirelessly behind the scenes advocating for the rights of autistic children with an average to high IQ to access quality schooling.

Initially campaigning for a Stand Alone school for these children, our campaign has changed direction and now focusses on the implementation of a Western Australian ASD Learning Program within a pilot school in Victoria. We feel that this program not only meets the needs of these children but is a cost effective high-quality program which can be implemented within the current Mainstream School Structure and which aligns with the current Government’s Inclusion Agenda.

Below is a timeline of some important events throughout our campaign. While not a definitive list, it does give you a snapshot into our campaign and the progress we have made.


Friday 19th May

Meeting with a local Labor MP

Spectrum School Parent Advocacy and a Melbourne School Principal met with a local Labor MP to garner support for an official proposal to be forwarded to the Department of Education Victoria shortly. We are happy to be working in partnership with our local Labor MP.

Friday 21st April

3rd Meeting with Central Office Department of Education

Spectrum School Parent Advocacy and a Melbourne School Principal met with Todd MacBeth, a Director, and Lia Castorina from the Disability and Additional Needs Team. We discussed the Educational Needs of Autistic Children who have an average to high IQ. Roles have changed within the Department so we spent a lot of time revising those things we have already discussed with the Department. Todd was open to listening to our cause and we have gone away from this meeting with a firm focus moving forward.

Thursday 9th February

Follow up meeting with Mark Tainsh, Director of Inclusion at Department of Education Central Office.

Spectrum School Parent Advocacy and a Melbourne School Principal had a follow up round table discussion with Mark Tainsh. We discussed urgent issues that face our children in an educational setting. It was disappointing to hear that Mark Tainsh will be on 5 months long service leave and shortly retiring thereafter as we had made some progress working with him.


Reached 1,000 followers on Facebook.



The campaign direction changed from a Stand Alone School to a program within a mainstream school upon discovery of a suitable program and the meeting of a School Principal passionate about the education of autistic children.

Friday 2nd December

Meeting with Department of Education Regional Office

Spectrum School Parent Advocacy, Aspergers Victoria and Hearts in Mind all met with the North Western Region of the Department of Education. Together we discussed the needs of our children and how this fits into current Mainstream Schools. While sympathetic to our cause they were clear that they could not have any impact in this area.